Cocreators global talent pool

Access the global markets and find the best candidates, easily and affordably. No hidden fees, no up-front costs.

Cocreators has long been a partner for companies looking to hire global talent with a nordic way of working. We specialize in finding talented individuals across the globe who are able to work independently, reliably, and following the agreed working practices.

Global talent pool

  • Access to a wide talent pool - we've worked with individuals located from Bali to Nigeria and several other locations
  • Get affordable access to great resources
  • Benefit from increased diversity in your team
  • Find the right professional for your company's situation and needs
  • Cocreators provides a support net to brainstorm and solve challenging issues
  • We don't use random recruiters - we have relevant experts interview and evaluate the candidates specifically for your needs
  • Our goal is to provide you with as much value for your money as possible, instead of trying to benefit from your recruitment problems
  • We prioritize understanding your real needs and only suggest candidates we feel are especially well fitting

Compared to recruitment agencies

Cocreators global talent pool tackles to some extent a similar need as recruitment agencies, but our approach is very different. We believe the incentives for recruitment agencies are fundamentally wrong, which will often lead to sub-par results. We work with freelancers and we're incentivized to find them great places to work, and to make sure you're happy with their work.

Agencies Cocreators
Identifies talent for you
Advertises roles
Interviews candidates
Offers insights into the industry
Interviews done by people with relevant interviewing experience
Suitable for part-time roles
Suitable for short-term roles
You only pay for work done by the talent in your projects
Talent benefits from support by their peers at Cocreators
End your contract for the talent whenever you want
Benefit from increased diversity of the global markets Sometimes
Up-front costs Sometimes No
Bonus paid for hiring Sometimes No

In short, increased diversity and inclusion are often considered essential to have a team that is capable of high levels of creativity, while ensuring you have a happy work place which often increases productivity. Having an inclusive working environment also tends to increase your available talent pool.

Some references below:

Cocreators OÜ pays the individuals based on the hours they've worked. You will be invoiced by Cocreators OÜ based on those invoices. Typically at the start of a business relationship we prefer fairly short billing cycles, and you should expect invoices every 2 weeks with net 14 day payment terms. Once our relationship is more established we tend to move to once per month billing cycle with net 30 day payment terms. You get a single combined invoice for your contract with Cocreators regardless of how many people are working in your team.

In the background sometimes we use various platforms for handling our contracts with freelancers and they are handling payments between Cocreators and the individuals, you don't have to worry about the practicalities with that.

Pricing obviously will depend heavily on the individual, but also on their location and the length of our collaboration. We try to find individuals working with reasonable hourly rates, for a bit less senior people this typically means you may end up paying in the 40-60€/hr (VAT 0%) range, for more experienced people you can often expect 60-80€/hr, and of course there are specialized individuals with even higher rates. Typically we find our rates are quite competitive vs most consulting companies where often you find that the most junior developer starts at 85€/hr.

Our pricing model is pretty simple, first the freelancer tells us a price per hour - this may sometimes include platform fees etc., we add our fee on top, and then you pay for that. We want to ensure that we limit our risks a little early on in the contracts and once the business relationship stabilizes we can then reduce our fees a little.

We're an Estonian company in the VAT registry so if you are an EU-based company in the VAT registry and outside of Estonia the VAT will most likely be using the intra-community reverse charge mechanism and will end up as 0% on your invoices.


Individuals are at the core of every business, and here are some of the amazing people we work with.

Janne Enberg

CEO, CTO-as-a-Service, Software Architecture, Audits, Development

Pekka Raittila

Development lead, Product owner, Team management, UI/UX Design

Denis Kirisov

Senior developer, Software architecture, Python, FastAPI, JavaScript, React, Svelte

Alina Kel

Designer, UI/UX Design, Figma, Photoshop

Toluwalase Akande

Developer, Software Development, JavaScript, React, Svelte, Python, FastAPI

Andrei Zelenskii

Junior Developer, JavaScript, Svelte, React, Testing, Playwright, Python

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