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We can help you build your systems, from brainstorming the idea to completing the MVP, and to infinity and beyond. Our experience in getting ideas off the ground, taking charge in projects, as well as building both scalable teams and scalable software, will save you time and money.

Cloud Services

Pick the best cloud platform and other cloud services for your need. Empower your team to perform at it’s best, while keeping costs down. Identify reasonably priced services to use instead of homegrown solutions whenever it makes sense.

Software Architecture

Design the architecture to ensure you’re ready for the future challenges. Plan for iterative approach without massive up-front work. All this, while keeping your budget and schedule constraints in mind.


Automate success. Let your team focus on their core work - delivering new features. Great DevOps tooling makes sure your development is a breeze, and your different environments take minimal effort to maintain.


Some of our success stories.


Software Architecture


Software Architecture

Digital Living

Software Architecture


Software Architecture

DevOps & Cloud

Platform of Trust

Software Architecture

Our amazing team

Individuals are at the core of every business.

Janne Enberg

Janne Enberg


  • Cloud Services
  • Software Architecture
  • DevOps
Dennis Kumar

Dennis Kumar

Junior Developer

  • React
  • Frontend development

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